Are you looking for a vehicle inspection in the Inland Empire? At So Cal Auto Style, we perform various vehicle inspections for nearly all vehicle types.

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Vehicle inspection services.

Our low cost or no-cost vehicle inspections are designed to help you understand your vehicle’s condition and stay ahead of any maintenance or repairs needed. Our technicians visually examine your vehicle to find existing or upcoming problems, so that you can decide to have it fixed on-the-spot or start budgeting for an important repair in the near future. We offer the following vehicle inspections:

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Frequent vehicle inspection questions.

Learn more about our vehicle inspections services with these inspection-related FAQs.

No one knows your vehicle’s quirks as well as you do – so you may know when something feels off. You may notice something as specific as a new noise when driving over certain bumps. Maybe your air conditioning isn’t blowing as cold. Perhaps your vehicle simply doesn’t “drive like it used to”.

It’s a good idea to schedule an inspection if you experience any unusual leaks, sounds, or smells. Our experienced technicians perform dozens of inspections like these every week and we make sure our customers drive away with more knowledge and insight into their vehicle’s condition than when they first walk in.

In many cases we will offer free visual inspections when you notice something seems wrong with your vehicle. Our free inspections typically include up to 1 hour of visual inspection to get to the root of your vehicle’s problems. If we cannot fully diagnose a vehicle problem visually, additional charges may occur with any vehicle teardown needed for further diagnosis.

No, you do not need an appointment for a vehicle inspection. However, if you wish to wait at our facility and get in & out faster, scheduling an appointment in advance is highly recommended.

It depends. Sometimes our technicians are able to fix any vehicle issues within the limits of the visual inspection. Other times, major repair work may be needed and timing will heavily depend on part availability.

Before we recommend any vehicle service or repairs based on our inspection, our service advisors will coordinate an optimal solution for your daily or weekly schedule.

While we are able to perform customer requested repairs, we highly suggest you start with one of our visual inspections to verify your concerns and the recommended repairs.

Fortunately for our customers, we’ve been able to disprove costly repairs “found” by other shops in many cases.