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Suspension services.

Our suspension services are designed to meet the expectations of the daily street driver to the most extreme performance enthusiast. Whether you’re looking to improve comfort, handling, vehicle styling, or wheel travel – we are your direct source for industry-leading suspension components that get the job done.

Frequently asked suspension questions.

Considering performance upgrades for your vehicle? Check out these performance-related FAQs.

Level kits work by raising the front suspension by 1.5” – 3” on a truck, Jeep or SUV so that the vehicle’s front height matches that of the rear of the vehicle. Once installed on the vehicle, you can expect to fit a larger tire, have more ground clearance, and improve its aesthetics.

The short answer is no. There are many other factors to consider when determining a vehicle’s towing capacity, including the vehicle’s configuration, its brakes, its chassis, its engine and transmission, its rear axle ratio, and its weight.

Rear air bags simply increase your suspension’s ability to support heavy loads.

Remote reservoir shocks are designed to significantly improve a shock’s heat dissipation in extreme performance scenarios due to their larger volume for oil and gas.

While they can be very nice to look at, reservoir shocks are overkill for daily driving around town but are proven to be an excellent upgrade for enthusiasts who frequent the off-road.

Yes. An alignment should be completed after any suspension components are replaced. This is especially the case when changing a vehicle’s height, as suspension geometries will change and will cause the vehicle to be outside of the manufacturer’s alignment specifications.

With that said, a vehicle that is out of alignment will cause premature tire wear, possible damage to other suspension components, and undesirable ride characteristics.

While it is always best to work with one of our experienced service advisors to determine the ideal suspension upgrades for your vehicle, we will list the links to our most popular suspension brands here:

Carli Suspension, BDS Suspension, ICON Vehicle Dynamics, CST Suspension, KING Shocks, Fox, Bilstein, Air Lift Performance, Air Lift, Teraflex, Eibach, H&R Springs, KSport USA, ReadyLift, MaxTrac Suspension, Zone Offroad, Traxda.