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Auto lighting services.

We believe the best lighting upgrades are not just about brightness, but using the correct lights in a way to achieve your desired result. Our array of lighting services will not only allow your vehicle to vastly stand out amongst others, but will also improve your daily driving experience.

Frequently asked lighting questions.

Considering lighting upgrades for your vehicle? Check out these lighting-related FAQs.

The ideal location to install your auxiliary light switches will vary depending on your interior dash configuration. In many cases, we work within any open spaces of your dash panel for the cleanest switch installation.

However, in cases where upgraded auxiliary lighting can be used instead of (or in conjunction with) factory lighting, factory light switches can be retained.

In the state of California, it’s illegal to have auxillary LED lights turned on while driving on the street. It’s also illegal to drive with them on the street without a light cover.

LED auxiliary lights are for off-road use only. We do not recommend any auxiliary LED lights be used on the road, as they can be a huge safety hazard to other drivers.

We recommend a mild soap, or silicone spray for cleaning your lights. Sodium hydroxide tends to eat through the anodized coating that is used on most LED lights. Acetone and cleaners that include acetone as an ingredient are also damaging to any powder coated surfaces on LED lighting products.

LED light manufacturers will not typically warranty products that have been cleaned with harmful cleaners.

While it is always best to work with one of our experienced service advisors to determine the ideal lighting upgrades for your vehicle, we will list the links to our most popular brands here:

Baja Designs, RIGID Industries, KC Lights, Morimoto, Anzo USA.