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Brake repair services.

Are you experiencing a squeaking noise while braking? Does your brake pedal feel overly soft or hard or perhaps even have pulsation while braking? If that’s the case, it may be time for some brakes. You can trust our staff to determine the exact condition of your brakes and to help guide you through the service needed to get your vehicle braking safely again. Our brake repair services include:

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Frequently asked brake repair questions.

Wondering if your brakes need repairing or replacing? Check out these brake-related FAQs.

Common signs of brake repair include: squeaking noises while braking, shaking or vibration while braking, and increased amount of brake pressure required to bring the vehicle to a stop.

Generally speaking, the average set of brake pads will last for around 30,000 – 50,000 miles, and rotors need to be replaced at 50,000 to 75,000 miles. However, these ranges are broad guidelines and vary greatly depending on driving habits. Ignoring brake issues will cause continued deterioration and lead to more damage and costly repairs down the road.

Not all brake services are created equal. Most passenger vehicles on the road today have two axles, consisting of two sets of brakes, the front set and the rear set.

In most cases, your brake issues can be resolved by replacing worn out pads and performing our rotor resurfacing service on either your front axle, rear axle, or both. Rotor resurfacing helps marry the newly replaced brake pads to a refinished, smooth rotor surface – restoring your brake performance and keeping your existing brake rotors.

In other cases, both brake pads and rotors need to be replaced on either your front axle, rear axle, or both in the event your rotors cannot be saved due to warping, hot spotting, insufficient rotor width, or other types of damage.

Due to the natural tendency of your vehicle’s weight to shift forward when braking with the additional weight of the engine, your front brakes provide the majority of your braking performance and tend to wear sooner than the rear brakes.

While it is always best to work with one of our experienced service advisors to determine the ideal brake products and services for your vehicle, we will list the links to our most popular brands here:
Akebono, Centric Parts, EBC Brakes, Powerstop.