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Alignment services.

When your vehicle’s alignment is off, it can cause a variety of issues including premature tire wear, an off center steering wheel, and can also cause your vehicle to pull left or right. Our professional alignment service can help ensure all four wheels of your vehicle are heading the same direction and ultimately will increase your safety on the road.

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Frequently asked alignment questions.

Wondering if you need an alignment on your vehicle? Check out these alignment-related FAQs.

Wheel alignment (or tire alignment) involves checking and adjusting the camber, caster and toe angles of your vehicle’s steering and suspension components. It does not refer to adjusting the tires or wheels themselves in any way, just the angle at which they are pointed.

A proper vehicle alignment helps keep your vehicle driving straight down the road and prevents your car from pulling left or right while driving.

Yes. An alignment should be completed after any suspension components are replaced. This is especially the case when changing a vehicle’s height, as suspension geometries will change and will cause the vehicle to be outside of the manufacturer’s alignment specifications.

With that said, a vehicle that is out of alignment will cause premature tire wear, possible damage to other suspension components, and undesirable ride characteristics.

We recommend checking your vehicle’s alignment every 6 months or 6,000 miles. Remember, misalignment can be caused at any point by the road, the driver, or simply by worn suspension or steering components over time.

No. Wheel alignment involves checking and adjusting the camber, caster and toe angles of your vehicle’s steering and suspension components while wheel balancing involves the distribution of weight on a wheel and tire.

It depends. Many vehicle manufacturers in recent years have opted to not include camber adjustment features (whether we agree with this or not is a separate issue).

When your vehicle is out of alignment and there is no camber adjustment, we are able to use a camber bolt kit in many cases. Camber bolts have smaller diameter than your factory hardware and feature an off-set “lobe” that will change the lean (camber) of the hub based on the position of the lobe, ultimately bringing your vehicle into factory alignment specifications.