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By So Cal Auto Style posted April 26th, 2018

It's no secret - Southern California has some of the best (and hottest) weather in all of the United States. Another well-known fact about So Cal is the amount of time we spend in our cars - commuting, in traffic, and traveling long distance. Do you ever wonder why sometimes your left arm is darker than your right? You probably spend a lot of time driving in your car. Not to mention, anyone getting into a car after it's been sitting for a while understands how hot it can get. This is why it is extremely common to see tinted cars all over So Cal. Below you will see a few of the most notable benefits of tinting your vehicle. 
tint heat rejection


Window tint can block anywhere from 30-65% of the sun's heat from building up in your vehicle. A car's interior can reach up to 150 degrees or more after sitting in direct sunlight on a typical So Cal day.

During the summer, it seems there is no getting away from the blazing heat in So Cal. You will often find yourself resorting to blasting your car's air conditioning, which actually harms your gas milage. With So Cal Auto Style's Solar Gard window tint, you can reduce the heat dramatically in your vehicle - leaving you feeling cool and comfortable.
tint uv rejection


Window tint blocks 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays from going through the windows. 

A ton of research has been done studying the harmful effects of UV rays on skin. For educational purposes -  excessive UV radiation produces genetic mutations that can lead to skin cancer. This leaves us with a lot to think about when traveling long distances without window tint installed in our vehicles. Using Solar Gard film, you can expect 99% UV rejection in your car - protecting you and your loved ones.

tint privacy


You want your car to be yours, and you want it to stand out. Also,  it can be nice to have an additional amount of privacy on the road.

At So Cal Auto Style, we understand how important your car is to you. You want your car to be the best and most functional it can be for years to come. With our wide variety of shades and types of film to choose from, you can truly choose a style for your car that fits your needs. You can compare our standard window film here. Our installers have experience tinting nearly every model available on the market today. Call our shop or fill out a form for a quote for any of our other services today.


Experience the benefits of window tint for yourself!