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Shocks in Temecula CA

Equip Your Vehicle with New Struts or Shocks in Temecula CA’s Best Auto Repair Shop

In order to keep your car in the best riding condition, you often find yourself in need of installing new shocks in Temecula, CA, and, when you do, it is important to make sure your get both quality parts and reliable installation services. Shocks and struts play a key role in the suspension system of an automobile. Their job is critical when it comes to safety and smooth vehicle handling. As your shocks begin to disintegrate, you are put at a disadvantage behind the wheel. To avoid damage to your vehicle, it is important to replace your shocks or struts approximately every 50,000 miles.

The shocking truth

Shocks and struts play a larger role in a vehicle’s driving performance than most people think. Struts are generally found on small city cars, while shocks are found on trucks and SUVs. Regardless of the type of vehicle you have, shocks and struts play an integral role in your its suspension system.

Shocks are made up of a piston sealed inside of a tube and filled up with either a gas or liquid. Whenever you encounter a bump in a road, the shock allows the vehicle’s tires to quickly absorb the bump and recover, so that you get a smooth ride. Failing to properly maintain and timely replace your vehicles shocks in Temecula, CA can lead to a number of problems.

Having your shocks and struts inspected regularly will help you avoid many of the problems that come with their wearing out. These can include disproportionate transfer of vehicle weight, tires inability to properly grip the road, improper braking ability and longer braking distance. A shock that is worn done 50 percent can reduce a car’s ability to properly stop by 23 percent.  Worn shocks in Temecula, CA can cause a vehicle to nose dive, body roll, bottom out and ride rough.


It is suggested that a car owner should change their shocks approximately every 50,000 miles, however this will differ from car to car, depending on how frequently you drive, the type of roads you commonly travel on and how rough they are. The harder your shocks work to absorb the energy from bumps, the shorter they will last.

While there are many places where you can replace your shocks in Temecula, CA, as soon as you notice the signs that such an operation is necessary, you should find the best auto repair shop to have the procedure performed.

Time and professionalism are of the essence

When it comes to shocks, one of the biggest mistakes made by vehicle owners is completely forgetting about them. This is easy to do, since you do not see them every time you get in the car. However, in the long run, it could lead to some serious issues. Remember to maintain your shocks and struts and replace them as needed.

When the time comes, make sure to take your car to a reputable repair shop, like that of Pedder Auto Group, where experienced mechanics will inspect and, if necessary, replace your shocks. Make an appointment now and let the best professionals in installing shocks in Temecula, CA provide you peace of mind.


Bed Liners in Temecula, CA

Protect Your Truck by Having Professionally Installed Bed Liners in Temecula, CA

For truck owners, protecting the bed of their truck it is very important, and can be easily achieved by choosing the right shop for the installation of bed liners in Temecula, CA. With a bed liner, there is no need to worry about unnecessary damage caused by hauling, transporting or extreme weather conditions. They keep the bed of your truck protected, so that you can do all the things you need to do, without causing any damage. Just because your truck is built for heavy-duty work, it does not mean it has to look like it.

Give your truck the care it deserves

Over the years, trucks have become a popular vehicle choice because of their ability to provide their owners a luxurious ride while they work or haul at the same time. They are also a popular choice for personal vehicles, and can be quite an investment. Since a new full sized truck can cost a pretty penny, it is important to protect it. Whether you are hauling bricks, construction materials or bicycles in your truck, the installation of bed liners in Temecula, CA, ensures that your truck bed will be protected from harm.

A protective layer you cannot live without

The purpose of a bed liner is to provide your truck with a protective layer that sits between the truck’s bed and the materials you are carrying. Most bed liners are made of a rust resistant, polyurethane material that prevents damage from scratching that could eventually lead to rust.

In addition to protection from scratches, your truck bed is also safe from normal wear and tear, dents, and weather damage. Bed liners, in Temecula, CA, help protect your vehicle’s value, while allowing you to enjoy all it has to offer without the threat of damage.

Evaluating your personal needs

There are two types of bed liners that you can choose from. Each comes with its own pros and cons, so, ultimately, your decision will be based on your personal needs and the intended use of your truck.

While drop in bed liners in Temecula, CA are easy to install and remove, the protection that they provide tends to be short term and may not provide the benefits you would like. These type of liners can sometimes shift and damage the vehicle’s paint, or allow water to seep in, eventually causing rust.

Spray on liners are great, because they provide your truck bed with long term protection. They are more expensive, but the level of protection they provide is completely worth the cost. While spray on bed liners are permanent, they are generally received well at time of resale and increase a truck’s value.

Avoid unnecessary problems

Do not wait until it is too late to decide you need a bed liner. Protecting your investment from the start will ensure that it stays in the best condition. It is best to choose a quality product and have it professionally installed, and you can find the help you need for both operation at the Pedder repair shop in Temecula.

Their staff knows all there is to know about choosing and installing bed liners in Temecula, CA and are always willing to help, so give them a call or pay them a visit!


Wheel Installation in Temecula CA

Personalize Your Car with Custom Wheel Installation in Temecula CA

When the standard wheels equipping your car are simply not enough, no matter if your priority is to enhance aesthetics, performance or both, all you need is custom wheel installation in Temecula, CA. You can buy your own tires and take them to a local repair shop to have them installed, or you can choose them with the help of the shop’s mechanics, maybe from the shop’s own supply. What matters is that you have a lot of choices, and, if you make them based on accurate information, with the help of specialists, the results will be amazing.

Car wheels’ impact on car performance

Wheels are often underestimated when it comes to the role they play in the operation of a vehicle. They actually determine the way the vehicle responds to your steering and braking commands. If the wheels are in good condition, aligned and installed correctly, there is no need to worry, as they will respond to your maneuvers immediately.  If they are worn out, improperly installed or misaligned, their response will not be as accurate as you would like it to be, and it could make a difference between avoiding accidents or seeing them happen, with all that is at stake in such unfortunate events. That is why it is important to benefit from professional wheel installation in Temecula CA.

Installation options and issues

While more and more people attempt to install the wheels themselves in order to save money, specialists advise against that, warning that, besides missing the necessary tools, skills and experience, an amateur will most likely leave the wheels misaligned and neglect aspects like tire pressure. While these may seem like minor details, they will make a huge difference in the car’s handling, road grip and fuel efficiency.

Choices related to wheel installation in Temecula CA

While the issue of whether to try to install the wheels by yourself or take your car to a certified repair shop has been, hopefully, clarified, you still have to make a choice as to what type of rims to have installed. You have two main options to consider:

  • Alloy rims – Available in various finishes, colors and prices, they were the trend of 1980’s and are the current standard endowment on many high performance cars, trucks and vans. Magnesium rims, for example, are installed on sports and racing cars. While the aesthetic value they bring is inherent, their price might be an obstacle for some car owners.
  • Aluminum rims are more durable and last longer than alloy rims. They are lighter and can withstand significant pressure, so they are often seen as the most reliable option by many car owners.

When deciding on the type of rim for your wheel installation in Temecula, CA, you also have to take into account the type of roads you drive on, the purpose your car serves and other specifics that could influence your needs. That is why it may be best to discuss your options with a reliable mechanic, someone who has seen them all and can advise you as to what rims are worth the investment in your case.

At Pedder Auto Group, reliable mechanics are always ready to assist you in finding the best rims for your car and getting quality wheel installation in Temecula, CA, just call or visit them!


Bumpers in Temecula, CA

Take Your Vehicle to the Next Level by Enhancing It with Off Road Bumpers in Temecula, CA

If you have been dying to push your vehicle to the limit, auto repair experts can help you by installing the perfect off road bumpers, in Temecula, CA. Bumpers are just what you need to take your vehicle to the next level. One of the best parts of owning a vehicle that has off road capabilities is the opportunity to completely customize it with your own personal preferences and style. Whether it is for visual appeal or for an off road adventure, you will not be sorry that you decided to enhance your vehicle with an off road bumper.

Protection on and off the road

Trucks, jeeps, and SUVs have become top selling vehicles, due to their ability to appeal to a variety of customers. Used in the daily operation of businesses and the middle of nowhere for fun, there are a number of reasons you might want to beef up your vehicle with an off road bumper.

Originally designed to protect the front end of trucks, SUVs, and jeeps as they travel through areas with lots of brush and tree branches, today, off road bumpers in Temecula, CA are used for a number of different purposes. Hunters, adventurers, businessmen and women all alike can benefit from installing off road bumpers on their vehicles.

Off road bumpers protect the front end of your vehicle, which is important if you off road in areas that could cause potential marring or scratching. They can also come to the aid of hunters, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts. The bumpers come in a variety of types and designs that allow you to pick one that fits your needs.

Beef your vehicle up

Modifying your vehicle is a great way to make it stand out in a crowd. There are not too many things on the road that are more eye catching than a truck, SUV, or Jeep with big off road bumpers in Temecula, CA. The amazing thing about customizing your vehicle is the ability to make it unique to you and your personality. No two modified trucks are the same, so you can be sure that, once you begin to make upgrades such as off road bumpers you will not see another like yours.

Go for quality in both product and service

Quality is import when it comes to the purchase and installation of off road bumpers in Temecula, CA.  You want to be sure that you select a quality off road bumper from a reliable company and have it installed by professionals. This is especially important if your bumper is for more than just visual appeal.

It is also important to make sure that you select a bumper that is right for your intended use. This will ensure that your vehicle remains protected while you go off road driving, hunting or on a long camping trip.

At Pedder Auto Group, you can get the advice and solutions you need, as well as professional installation services provided by the best in the business. There is no better place to install road bumpers in Temecula, CA, so go to their premises or schedule an appointment as soon as possible!


Winch in Temecula, CA

   When Needing to Install a Winch in Temecula, CA, Professionals Are Your Best Bet

If you drive a truck, SUV or jeep, it is important to have highly trained experts install the winch in Temecula, CA. There is no better way to make your vehicle fit to pull than with a winch. A winch is a machine that is responsible for hoisting and hauling. It is generally connected to the front of a heavy-duty vehicle that has the ability to pull several tons, but can also be used on ATV’s, 4 wheelers, and boats.

The capacity to pull

If you have ever got stuck in your vehicle, needed to tow a friend but could not, or encountered large rocks or trees that blocked your path on an off road trail, you probably know that your life would have been much easier if you had had professionals install a winch in Temecula, CA. Winches are top rated for their pulling capacity, and the type of winch you need will be decided by the amount of weight you want to be able to pull.

Finding the right winch for your vehicle requires some time and research. Since one of the main uses for a winch is vehicle recovery, you want to be sure that your winch can at least handle your personal vehicle, in the event that you are the one that gets stuck. The cost can greatly vary, depending on your budget and the winch you choose. While you hope you will never need the winch to rescue yourself or someone else, it is more than wise to be prepared.

The weight factor

It is fairly easy to choose the right winch in Temecula, CA. The winch capacity is determined by the weight of the vehicle and then multiplied to find the size of the winch you need. You do not want to exceed your weight limit when you are using your winch, so carefully evaluate all the things you think you could potentially have to tow at some point in time.

Another thing you need to consider is vehicle upgrades. Many people make the mistake of adding on a winch, without making vehicle modifications such as battery size. In order to keep your winch working at its greatest towing capacity, it is essential to upgrade your vehicle’s battery and alternator, to make sure you have enough towing power. Following your tow, you should always check the strength of your battery to make sure it is not drained.

Importance of warranty and professional installation

When selecting your winch, in Temecula, CA, it is important to consider quality, warranty and professional installation. Sometimes, even the best of things break or require service to keep them operating at their full potential. When this happens to you, it is important to have both the winch and its installation covered by warranty. This way, getting it working again will be just a formality.

If you want to make sure your winch will be installed by the book and work perfectly in any condition, take your car to the Pedder Auto Group repair shop. It is the best place to install a winch in Temecula, CA, as their staff is well trained and knowledgeable, they have last hour equipment and they support their services with warranty – make an appointment now!



Suspension Installation in Temecula, CA

Steering and Suspension Installation in Temecula, CA

When it comes to your steering and suspension installation in Temecula, CA, it is wise to leave the hard work to a truly qualified professional. The steering and suspension system of your vehicle plays a huge role in the safety of your automobile and is directly responsible for your vehicle’s driving performance, vehicular control and riding comfort. Whether you are lifting your vehicle, lowering it, maintaining or repairing, it is important to only let the best handle your its suspension installation.

Remain in control

A vehicles steering and suspension system is commonly taken for granted and forgotten about. At first sight, many people think about the vehicle’s speed, horsepower or even visual appeal. What about its steering and suspension? After all, speed is nothing without control.

Since most of your vehicle’s suspension system requires replacement at some point in time, it is important to pay close attention to signs that your vehicle’s steering and suspension might need repair work. This is especially true for anyone who has a modified suspension system.

Whether you have lifted or lowered your car, it is important to have your suspension inspected at the first sign of problems. Failing to properly maintain a vehicle’s steering and suspension system can lead to issues including problems stopping and turning. With so much on the line, steering and suspension installation in Temecula, CA should only come from the best repair shops, like that of Pedder Auto Group.

Watch for the warning signs

One of the first signs that your suspension needs to be repaired occurs when you start to notice your car riding rough. If it seems like you can feel every bump in the road or the body of the car constantly bounces, this is a sure sign that your suspension is damaged or needs repair work.

Your steering and suspension system affects your car’s ability to turn properly. If you begin to notice drifting or pulling while you turn, this indicates an issue caused by the vehicle’s steering and suspension.

Another sign that your suspension needs repair work is nose diving. A vehicle that nose dives upon stopping should have their suspension inspected immediately. Nose diving can prevent your car from stopping properly, which is extremely dangerous, but, when it comes to steering and suspension installation, in Temecula, CA, repair specialists do their best to keep you protected on the road.

Lift and lower

A great way to make your car stand out is with a lifted or lowered suspension system. Suspension modifications have become a big trend with a great number of car enthusiasts. From old cars to new, suspension installation in Temecula, CA is a great source of style and comfort. The installation of air ride suspension will make your vehicle drive like it never has before.

Safe in the right hands

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension system is one of the most important car systems. It is responsible for stopping and turning your car while providing you with maximum comfort. Any modifications, repairs, and suspension installation in Temecula, CA should be performed by trained specialists, and you can find the best at Pedder Auto Group, waiting to serve you – call them and make the appointment.



Lifts in Temecula, CA

Improve Your Driving Experience by Installing Suspension Lifts in Temecula, CA

If you are the owner of a truck, jeep, SUV, or 4×4, there is no better way to add to your driving experience than the addition of suspension lifts in Temecula, CA. At some point in time, we have all seen one truck or jeep that literally stands out from the rest, because it has been lifted and sits atop tires that look like they were meant for a tire swing. If you have always dreamed of driving a big truck, Pedder Auto Group is your stop for suspension lift kits.

Clearance to off road

The installation of suspension lifts in Temecula, CA involves making modifications to your automobile that provide it with additional space between the body of the vehicle and the road. The lifts create a greater amount of ground clearance in between the chassis of the vehicle and the road, which makes it ideal for off road driving. Add some big tires to the mix, and you will be sure to tower well above everyone else.

If you are interested in installing a lift kit on your truck, SUV, or jeep, but you are not quite sure why you might need one, the answer is easy. The additional space between the axle of the vehicle and the ground make it feasible to forge your way through rough areas, such as rivers, streams, or rocky terrain. Both functional and visually appealing, suspension lifts not only provide you with the ground clearance that you need to take your vehicle off road for some fun, but they can also make it aesthetically pleasing.

Stand above the rest

Once you have made the decision to turn your vehicle into an off road beast, it is important to carefully evaluate your exact needs, to make sure you get the proper lifts in Temecula, CA. You want to make sure the modifications are accurate for what you plan to do. Whether it is daily travel, rock crawling, mudding, desert racing or long distance off road treks, you want to ensure you get the lift kit that will provide you with comfort, safety and reliability.

All things considered

In addition to selecting the right lift kit for your vehicle, it is important to consider any additional modifications that might need to be made in order to ensure optimal performance. Suspension lifts in Temecula, CA tend to require an extensive amount of knowledge and skill, which is why Pedder is the perfect choice for your installation.

When searching for lifts, you want to consider any issues that could affect your vehicle’s ability to handle properly, which includes steering, weight, drive shaft length, gear ratios and performance at high speeds. Safety and comfort are important, and, at Pedder, you have the guarantee that your vehicle will be safe, durable, reliable and will still provide you with comfort on and off the road.

The trained professionals here can lift the suspension on your truck, SUV, or jeep and have you riding in style. Their reputation of providing the best services when it comes to suspension lifts in Temecula, CA is not in vain, and you will see for yourself if you just make the appointment!


Wheels in Temecula, CA

Have the Best Custom Wheels in Temecula, CA Installed on Your Vehicle by Reliable Professionals

Custom wheels in Temecula, CA have become a huge trend and, if you are in search of a set, consider one of the best one-stop shops for your custom wheels. If you are a true car enthusiast, you are definitely not happy with any vehicle you buy until it has a set of custom wheels to give it visual appeal and pristine driving performance.

Whether you are a car enthusiast or not, there is nothing like replacing your factory wheels with a fresh set of custom wheels. They not only catch the eye of other drivers on the road, but they also scream individuality.

Roll in style

Aftermarket custom wheels in Temecula, CA are one of the most popular choices for vehicle owners who want to exhibit style as they drive. It is often said that shoes say a lot for a person, and this theory definitely applies to shoes on cars. Your vehicle’s rims say more about you than you know, and, whether you want to believe it or not, upgraded rims can really make a vehicle stand out.

Just as a watch can accent your outfit and subtly make a bold statement about who you are as an individual, so can a set of custom wheels. However, the main difference is that watches are often hidden on your wrist, while wheels are on full display as you arrive at work, school or a weekend outing. When making a selection for your custom wheels in Temecula, CA think outside the box. This will ensure that your car remains one of a kind.

Increased performance

Adding custom wheels to your automobile can significantly enhance its driving performance, but only when it is done properly. Your new driving experience will depend on the type of aftermarket wheels you select for your vehicle. Wheels can make your car drive smoother, handle better, break faster, grip the road in bad weather, or absorb the shock of the road better, so it is important to buy them from the right supplier and have them installed by professionals.

Pedder Auto Groups has a large variety of wheels for you to choose from, and their professionals are amazing when it comes to helping customers select the best wheel style and size for their vehicle.

Avoid common mistakes

One of the most common mistakes that people make when selecting their wheels in Temecula, CA refers to the selection of the wheel size. A large percentage of people want to go large, while others choose to go low. Both can significantly change the way your car drives and handles, as well as other mechanisms such as vehicle breaking and wear and tear on your engine’s drive train.

Tires that are oversized or too big can cause your vehicle to have issues with the braking system, due to the increased amount of stress on its brakes. Big tires can also completely change the way your vehicle handles. Tires that are too small can leave your vehicle sitting dangerously low and can cause damage to the under carriage, if driven over large bumps.

Choose the best for your vehicle

At Pedder Auto Group, you will always find specialists willing to assist you in identifying the best wheels in Temecula, CA and having them installed faultlessly, so don’t hesitate to ask for their help!


Car Speakers in Temecula, CA

Upgrading Your Sound with New Car Speakers in Temecula, CA

If you want to enjoy the sound of high quality music while you travel in your vehicle, you may want to consider installing new car speakers; in Temecula, CA Pedder Auto Group has a large selection of audio equipment. Between commuting back and forth to work and running errands such as grocery shopping and taking kids to practice, it is likely that you spend a decent portion of your day in the car. During that time, music with great sound becomes extremely important, unless you enjoy riding around in silence.

Upgrade your sound

Many cars on the market today are manufactured with a fairly decent factory radio, and others have the option to upgrade. While upgrading is an option, an upgraded stereo system often costs two to three times more than the cost of purchasing new car speakers in Temecula, CA.

Whether your factory system sounds muffled and muddy at times, or you just enjoy quality speakers that sound crisp and clean, you can benefit from a few adjustments in the sound department. Quality speakers can mean a world of difference when it comes to listening to music in the car. They feature the bright highs and beefy lows that you just cannot get on a factory stereo system. With new quality speakers, you will likely hear small details in the music that you have never heard before.

Better designs give you better sounds

Automobiles are generally not manufactured with the best sounding speakers and stereo systems, because carmakers have a ton of other things to worry about when putting together a vehicle. On the other hand, businesses that specialize in the production and selling of aftermarket car speakers in Temecula, CA and not only, pride themselves on pushing sound quality to the limit.

By building your own car audio system, you will end up with a sound that feels like it belongs in a music studio. One of the main reasons why creating your own speaker system can greatly improve your automobile’s sound, is the ability to add a variety of speakers and crossover circuits that advance your sound.

The mistake of passing on name brand

It can be tempting to pass by the expensive name brand speakers and choose some off brand ones that claim to give the same sound, but it is important to remember that quality car speakers in Temecula, CA are worth the cost.  Cheaper speakers often do not offer the same sound quality as name brand speakers that have been around for years, and choosing them instead can be a huge mistake.


It is better to swap out your speakers a few at a time than to settle for a cheaper brand in order to save money. In the long run, you will probably be happier waiting.

Improve your performance

There’s nothing like a quality car audio system to keep you motivated while you drive. In order to achieve perfection, you must buy the best speakers from the best in town. Pedder Auto Group offers a variety of options for new car speakers in Temecula, CA, as well as quality installation services, so pay them a visit!



Subwoofers in Temecula, CA

Complete Your Car Audio System with Subwoofers in Temecula, CA

Subwoofers, in Temecula, CA, are a major component of a car’s audio system. To get quality sound, it is critical to use a subwoofer and get the low frequencies that are not heard with regular 6X9 or tweeter speakers. While, in theory, it is not necessary to install a subwoofer, why would you want to live without the true audio experience?

Subwoofers operate by moving air in a back and forth motion, which is a lot different from how regular speakers do. A subwoofer’s primary goal is to move air in order to create low sounds that its listeners can hear and feel.

A key component

At some point in time, you have probably encountered someone with a subwoofer that sounded absolutely terrible, or produced booming bass that rattled the car’s windows, seats and mirrors. These are examples of why some people choose to steer clear of subwoofers. However, what they fail to realize is that their car audio system is missing a key component.

Subwoofers, in Temecula, CA, provide audio lovers with a dynamic sound that they cannot live without. This is because they produce a realistic sound within the small confines of your automobile. The deep low sounds created by a subwoofer are the key component to a high quality dynamic sound system.

True audiophiles will not be able to function without the combination of crisp, clear speakers and a subwoofer that produces the low frequencies that a normal speaker cannot push out. Once you experience the complete sound package, you will never want to turn back.

Room for boom

One of the things you will have to consider is where to install your subwoofer and its enclosure. Even a small subwoofer can take up a reasonable amount of space in your vehicle. Since some cars have little room available, you might want to consider installing your subwoofer in the trunk or in the door of the car. Properly installing subwoofers in Temecula, CA requires the work of a professional with years of experience.

If you are not sure about what size of subwoofer you need or where you should install it in your car, it is important to seek the help of professionals.

Avoid installation mishaps

Dealing with electrical wiring can be difficult, especially if you are not trained or experienced. More than that, there are many auto shops whose technicians install subwoofers in Temecula, CA at affordable prices, so you have no reason  to take chances. The last thing you ever want to do is mess with your vehicle’s electrical system. Lack of knowledge can lead to a number of mistakes that are easily avoidable. Why cause permanent damage to your car or its audio system when you can let professionals handle everything safely?

Sound quality above the rest

Adding a subwoofer to your existing car audio system is just what you need to get the full car audio sound you have been dying for. Crank up the music and listen to the highs and lows, as you drive down the street in style. Rest assured that the Pedder Auto Group team provide the best services when it comes to the installation of subwoofers in Temecula, CA, just take your car to them!